Hi, I’m Courtney


It all started when…

I was a senior in high school and got my first gym membership. I was excited to start designing my body the way I wanted it. I did not know too much about how to lay out workouts, but I did my best with the help of google and Youtube. I fell in love with weight and resistance training and loved the feeling of getting stronger while improving my aesthetic.

A few years later, as a sophomore in college, I had pretty much mastered my own workout routine and knew what it took to get my body how I wanted it, strength-wise as well as aesthetic-wise. I decided to take on the role of training my horseback riding team for a research project to see if an 8 week workout program would improve the girl’s riding skills. I finally realized my passion for training others after the 8 weeks were over, and all of the girls commented on how much more confident and strong they felt.

Upon graduating, I decided to get certified as a personal trainer so I could help others get the same results I’ve given myself as well as my friends and family. I am certified through the National Academy of Sport’s Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer and look forward to getting other specialized certifications in the future to further my knowledge .